Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In our practice, we are very caring and compassionate about your unique medical needs. We specialize in complete and comprehensive foot care. Most insurance plans including Medicare are accepted. Our staff will take the time and effort to understand your symptoms and answer all your questions and concerns.

We will assess your foot and ankle problems, take a thorough medical history and customize a treatment plan that suits your particular needs. Our goal is to educate you about your individual medical condition and discuss the various treatment options that are available to you. We understand that your feet are important to you and that pain and injury can inhibit the many facets of your life: work, family, recreation and athletics.

Foot Problem

A painful or embarrassing foot problem often can interfere with the quality of life. Our office understands that people often live with these conditions because they may not know that treatment options are available or they may be embarrassed about it. What is your foot problem? We can help!

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